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This story should be called "But it bothered me for the sake of the bird."

I thought of something today, out of the blue.

I was at flag back around 2010, and was walking through the newly renovated area down past the pool. Like you would go to the back gate. They had built-in and renovated what were little reg offices for some of the front group activities. There was also a gym there. In the front of the gym by the entrance door, there was a huge red macaw parrot, very alert and very talkative. I was told by someone there that the bird was named "Harrison." I was told by someone else there that was as gung-ho as I was at that time that the bird actually had another name before he got the name. (I unfortunately cannot remember the previous name. Maybe someone else here knows this story.) When dm-the-barbarian saw the bird and was told the birds name, he said "That bird needs to be named 'Harrison,' and from that moment on, that bird was called Harrison, and that bird wasn't called by the name it had lived with its entire life ever again. Keep in mind, we thought at that time sheep-ohhhh-bleet could do no wrong. But it bothered me for the sake of the bird.


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......When dm-the-barbarian saw the bird and was told the birds name, he said "That bird needs to be named 'Harrison,' and from that moment on, that bird was called Harrison, and that bird wasn't called by the name it had lived with its entire life ever again. Keep in mind, we thought at that time sheep-ohhhh-bleet could do no wrong. But it bothered me for the sake of the bird.
This is a perfect example of what ethical, on source, high-toned, upstat, religious Scientologists believe in. It has been said that Scientology is not a religion, but really it is. They have faith in the Supreme Beings and worship the Gods, because they are polytheists. Whomever is the cult guru du jour (Hubbard, Miscavige, et al) is sacredly revered as an omniscient deity.

Apparently the way to achieve that exalted state of "Total Knowingness" is to go to a Halloween store and buy or rent a nautical costume, some medals and a clipboard with blank goldenrod paper. Then whatever you say to others will be greeted with awe and success stories.

Since this is Christmas-time, I think that story should have a happier and more wholesome ending, so I took a moment to write it.


A large contingency of staff and auditor excited follow COB around Flag, laughing and applauding at his every witty observation and running commentary. COB suddenly stops when he notices a huge red macaw parrot. The crowd of sycophants and hangers-on are suddenly deadly silent as COB stares deeply into the birds eyes with all his advanced powers. And then, suddenly--

That bird needs to be named "Harrison"!

Fuck off you counter-intentioned cocksucker!​

Hey, I'm sorry for the expletives, but I am just accurately reporting what the bird said. And the bird (being fully on-source) is simply quoting the infallible religious leader of Scientology.



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This is an after leaving Scientology realization that I had while driving home from work, and I just about drove into a ditch.

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The goal of having 10,000 on Solo Nots was something that was broadcast loudly, and you couldn't miss it, by design. Certainly at Flag, where you would see T-shirts with the slogan "I am one of the 10,000", at events often you would hear it, and always from the reges. Someone else reading this can correct this if I haven't got it right, the stated purpose (read below about "tipping the scales) was to have more theta, less enturbulated theta, so that the theta/entheta ratio would be such that Scientology could make greater inroads with the general public, and help to bring about a cleared planet.

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You see, (And this is me talking from my past viewpoint) Scientology has the tech to untangle the web that has entangled this planet, we are the only ones that can, we know it, you know it, but the world does not. The world is majorly Effed-Up, it's full of war, criminality, etc. It's full of wogs. We can ACTUALLY save this world. Think about that. WE can save the world. This is no small thing.

Think of the responsibility of that. We were told, and we believed we could save the planet. Only us.

So the game that we were playing was to now pay up for the services, and get ourselves up the bridge to the point that the planet would be "sane" enough to allow Scientology to expand. Somewhat of an altruistic goal, we all get up the bridge, at any cost, and it will save the planet, right?

Well, years later, I am out for good, and I'm driving down the road going home. I thought of this again for the first time in years.

If Scientology, this "religion" had the power to turn this planet around. Why didn't the people in control of the organization just get this done at any cost, while keeping the organization solvent, which it could, and bring about this state that would allow for the acceptance of it? Surely then, with the planet in the predicted state of acceptance, clearing the planet would be a snap!!

What reason, if you had such a solution, would you play that game that is being played, even now? The agonized future???

It doesn't make sense, does it?
I heard from one of my "still in" friends today. He was bragging about the "On or through OTVII" number now being in the 8000's. At this point, the powers that be are using every bit of screwy data that they can exagerrate or falsify to excite the crowd. As you can imagine, it has to be extremely difficult to find a real stat that shows growth.

Obviously, that 8000+ number includes those that have ventured into what awaits us all in the afterlife. It also includes people that finished the level and said "no more, I'm good" and left for good, and are now maybe even posting here.

Just recently, I heard that one of the datums that see-oh-beat gave was that solo nuts auditing hours were highest ever, by a lot. Since some of us know that the midge can't be trusted, one wonders what that delivery must really be like.
I think the claim about solo nots hours being highest ever is reasonable. A lot more people staying home, more time to audit. Also it's the only delivery that could keep happening so I'm sure it was being pushed hard.

Of course highest ever solo hours means nothing. Just another stat to wave in the public's face while scientology continues to shrink.

Interesting that the numbers at 8000. Wonder what people think will happen when the magic 10000 number gets hit and I wonder how management would handle it. Probably just change the goal posts, oh the real target was 10000 on solo nots concurrently.

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As time goes by, my desire to get my still-in friends out of the trap that is scientology dwindles and fades. I know that I was lucky to get out, and that it took some heavy crap to wake me up from my long nap. I am very proud of myself, it took some doing and unlearning to really LOOK! And I looked, oh boy, was I surprised!! But not really surprised, in some ways.

I have gotten a couple people out, but some others that are really, really in have proven to be extremely happy that they are doing the right thing, and that I should STFU. The illogic that issues forth from these mouths is certainly startling, it goes something like this:

I don't need to know anything that I don't already know.

There you have it. Somehow the tek gets a person to think that this is a good idea.

Some examples from history where that idea was proven to be, well, not such a good idea:


NASA engineers said STFU to an engineer that thought the O-rings could get too brittle on a cold January morning.


Bernie Madoff (Mug Above) had made it a bad idea to pull your money from the fund, or else you couldn't get back in.


"Not even God himself could sink this ship."
-- Employee of the White Star Line, at the
launch of the Titanic, May 31, 1911

There are other exemplary idiots in history.

I for one am no longer on this list in regard to scientology.