Reyne Mayer

Pansexual Revolutionary
oh, and i realized their new location is actually in Allston, about a mile from their idle morgue building.

i checked records and the vacant property that they bought at the end of 2015 turns out to be tax exempt, though if they leave it sit too long like they have so many others, they'll end up paying commercial rates -- that happened with the Hotel Alexandra that they'd previously bought (and only finally succeeded in selling a couple of years ago), which ought to be a precedent that Boston should treat the CoS more like a real estate holding company than a religion.....

i also sorted out just what's going on with the property, and this view of the back side fully shows two other adjacent single and double story buildings that they also own according to the records. i wonder if at least one of those is full of old CF -- or even squatting staff. and what did they have in mind, some sort of Northeast regional HQ? it looks like the main building is the requisite 50k sq ft for an idle morgue, while the other buildings are about 4k and 13k sq ft.

SCN Boston 212-214 218 226 Lincoln St Allston.JPG

SCN Boston 212-214 218 226 Lincoln St Allston GIS.JPG