A side question:
I worked with a guy on work study at the Manor in the mid 80's from Boston, his name was Allen.
Does anyone know of an Allen during that time frame?

There was actually 2 Allen's - one from Peroria Ill. I think the latter is known as Alanzo online. He looks like the guy but older and his back story is almost dead on the Allen I knew.

Anyway, I'm more interested in Boston Allen. He had an exec post perhaps OES??? (Org Exec Sec) went from Clear to OT5 during that time. Very personal able guy as I knew him.
Just curious is all. It was a time in my life that was very interesting. There was a lot going on with Wollershien (spelling) at PAC, the Manor ect.

I have a whole different perspective now for sure!
Was he a skinny guy who wore glasses and talked fast? That's Alan Klebanoff


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Looking back with 20-20 vision, Boston Scientology exposed me to high energy people who knew how to focus but were also a lot of fun. The notion of making the "able more able" is terrific. Inspiring! The comm cycles were priceless and the closeness one feels with other members was great. Scientology's focus on reading comprehension and the disdain of lower emotions changed my life in a good way. I knew many people who felt the same way. We loved doing TR's or word clearing and some of the auditing sessions were great.

So what happened?

It stopped being fun.

And then fun became a crime.

And then participation became mandatory.

And punishments became the norm.

And the orgs got smaller and smaller until the only viable org was FLAG--folks who somehow got a bunch of money being served by Eastern Europeans, 2nd gens and the ancient.

And the downfall was all Hubbard. Not Mayo, not Miscavige, and not the psychs. Hubs nutty insistence on massive bureaucracies, impossible pricing, and slavelike devotion was bad enough. The imaginary benefits signalled the journey's end.

A handful of the people in the 50th anniversary photos were giants in the old days. These were people who could FILL the Academy or FILL the Comm Course or who audited 50 hours weekly for years or who ran staffs of over 50 or who were top reges or top cramming officers for years. No more. And there were 100's more all gone now.

Twas fun for a while.