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Nothing remarkable about this 2 minute video supporting the Scientology Volunteer Ministers - apart from the uploader. It’s hosted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency - FEMA.

As misleading as this video is, FEMA has taken over coordinating and controlling various charitable organizations doing disaster relief. The upshot of that is, since they are controlled by FEMA, they can no longer use disasters as an opportunity to take advantage of the vulnerable to recruit them into cults. Their activities and programs must be approved. It's a good change, not a bad one:

"FEMA Voluntary Agency Liaisons (VALs) and Donations Specialists build relationships among Federal, State, and tribal governments and voluntary, faith-based, and community-based organizations by reporting to and from FEMA and other government agencies on programs of voluntary organizations active during disasters, providing information and guidance to organizations, and helping strengthen National and State Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOADs)."

So no more showing up just to pose for photo shoots holding Dianetics, pass out WTH booklets, give touch assists, etc. :LOL: They have to actually work now. I'll bet there will be a lot less VMs without the FSM commissions, don't you? :roflmao:

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Scientology Christmas catalogue 2019

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For any newbies this one’s a classic

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Dang Kevin looks like crap. Must have been through a shit ton of shit since I last saw him.


Interview with Ron Miscavige.



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video tour of a house run by Scientologists
I am not at all surprised. When you just have time for a few hours of sleep, you're not going to waste it cleaning.