How to Leave?

Xenu Xenu Xenu

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I remember being on staff in our crappy little outpost of Scientology. I had to "handle" some student and so I heard him out. He had this incredibly tragic story to tell and sounded quite convincing. I was a little affected by the seriousness of it all. I had to listen to him cry tears and listen to his feelings about it all. His tragic story may have something to do with all of this or it may have nothing to do with it, I really don't know.

I can't remember if I had to interview him again. It was so long ago. You all well know that I acted the part of the "able Scientologist" though. I didn't tell him what to do or think because we all know only dumb homo sapiens do that sort of thing. No, I think I assigned him some ethics condition or something like it. He did all the steps and came to me with Good Indicators and VGIs and Cognitions.

He took some time off course to handle the tragic story as best as he could and I saw him in the org about a few weeks later. He told me that he didn't need to come on course anymore because he has gone OT. He didn't really say it in those exact words, he was just being sort of weird. I think I told him that maybe he might be wrong and he told me that he was insulted and felt "invalidated". The course super then had a talk with him and that was the last that I ever saw of him. The course super told me some stupid Scientology nonsense about the guy being keyed-out or something and that was all I ever heard of that.

To this day I wonder if he was faking it just so he could make his break with Scientology a friendly one without all the arguments, and high pressure regging, and ethics and all that.

Maybe pretending to be crazier than the Scientology Staff is the way to get out of the cult. It is possible that the guy just made himself harder to find after that.


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I remember a guy at my org had been a long-time scientologist with very little auditing because he tended to work away from home a lot. He had a reputation for "figure-figuring" about his case but this was tolerated because he kept paying for training.

He eventually decided he must be Clear and managed to persuade enough people of this that he was sent to an Advanced Org and they let him attest to it. A few years later he decided he wasn't really Clear so he was again sent to the Advanced org and they let him de-attest. A year or so after this he decided he was Cleared Theta Clear and had no need for any Bridge auditing because he was way beyond even the highest level. At this point he was given the R-factor that he needed to knock-off this figure-figuring. That caused him to decide he was wasting his time in scientology so he left.

I saw him one day after this and asked him how he was doing. He said he'd been to see a psychiatrist and been give prozac but he said: "It didn't work on me because it doesn't work on Clears". I just gave him a cheery acknowledgement and went on my way.