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    Crazy fun on Scientology’s private cruise ship in the Caribbean, still tied to the dock

    Most people only go to the ship for a 1 week stay. To have to quarantine for 2 weeks would seriously cut into their volume. Or perhaps they put you on self study in your room (squirrel - no supervisor) while you wait. Only those going for OT VIII or have a good bit of money could afford to take...
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    Partial list of auditors who evolved

    Yes, Mike was in the Sea Org
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    Lux Bearer - another new scientologist ?

    "The right eye crosses to the left and your valence kicks in and spreads to others. It's a big issue. Because they're suppressing the feminin. They're trying to kill the soul." And we believe you because? "I've been working on this for many lifetimes" "The government is going to come to...
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    Lux Bearer - another new scientologist ?

    Not only that, but his content is squirrel as far as scilon dogma.
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    Not creepy at all <sarc>. How weird that I accepted it very early on as no big deal.
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    Lux Bearer - another new scientologist ?

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    Was LRH CIA?

    He was way too busy saving mankind for the next trillion years. No time to work for the CIA. Given his troubles with governments and his paranoia I would find it hard to believe he would be in bed with the CIA.
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    Scientology’s End of Days Scenario

    Just assume a new identity. Pop into your local Idle Org and sign up for the Pro TRs course and you too can watch Why TRs. Hmm, wait, actually you can insist that before you buy the course you want to watch the film because it will answer why you should do the course. Wave that credit card under...
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    Partial list of auditors who evolved

    David Mayo would be another notable auditor that was booted from the loving fold of Int Base
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    Hawking Hubbard Fiction

    None of Hubbard's fiction ranks up there with the Foundation or Dunes series. Most of Hubbard's fiction stories had stereotyped heroes whose character ran as deep as their makeup.
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    Overheard in the Freezone

    Finally! Not a lab leak, not from an animal - NO! COVID19 is a Pre-MEST Universe solution for planetary over-population. Data veracity has been conclusively verified by e-meter reads (so you know it's gotta be true.)
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    vague things

    Captain Bill has that covered. You just need to do OT something or other in Ron's Org.