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    Kelly Preston has passed away

    I appreciated your post.
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    1977 scientologist, in the independent field since 2005.

    Thanks for the info. Are you the author of that ethics script you posted on Justin?
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    Independent Field Ethics Report on Justin Craig, aka LRH 2.0

    No that's no introduction at all. How about you introduce yourself in the new member section.
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    Hi all. Im newbie.

    What's a joke?
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    My @ISNOINews Twitter account has been suspended

    Thanks for what you have done John. Enjoy your break.
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    Hi all. Im newbie.

    Welcome! Are you an ex?
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    Drugs that enhance Scientology?

    I've heard is always a good idea to have a withold from your auditor that can get missed. Then you can spend your time digging about trying to find it. How very clever of you.
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    I Publicly Disconnected From The Sea Organization in December, 2005

    Your OP is appropriate and fine. This gives your reason for disconnecting. Why did you leave the SO?
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    New but not new

    :thewave: :welcome2:
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    I am interested in thoughts and opinions on why no official Hubbard Bio ?

    What-choo talkin' 'bout? It's an encyclopedia fer c'rist's sake!
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    Ron 2.0, the alleged reincarnated L. Ron Hubbard, says "Scientology is Dead." Announces Experianism

    LOL, he sure isn't Ron 2.0. Ron would never limit the cash coming in. His 100 cap is just a way of circumventing the fact that nobody is buying his BS. He won't even be able to get 100 dupes to sign up.
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    Overheard in the Freezone

    Wow, I never knew this!!!!!!! Soooo amazing!!!! I'm charging the line right now. Current eterinty huh, go figure. How many eternities are there I wonder?
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    How did Hubbard amass millions of dollars, same with DM

    Today most of the money comes from IAS / Ideal status seeking.
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    Silly Hoaxie, how can you put a price on priceless?