How Many Taxpayer-Subsidized Mansions, Homes and Offices Does A Dead Man Need?


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This might seem like a foolish question — but not when it come to L. Ron Hubbard. He apparently needs a whole lot of homes and even more offices…

It is one of the lesser-known bizarre facts about scientology and the worship of L. Ron Hubbard that subsequent to his death (or in the words of David Miscavige he “discarded the body… he had used to facilitate his existence in this MEST universe,” because it “had ceased to be useful and in fact had become an impediment to the work he now must do outside of its confines”), many fully furnished mansions and lavish homes were constructed for his use alone. This is all subsidized of course by the US taxpayer… Think about that as you peruse these facilities.

Let’s begin with one of the better known ones: “Bonnie View” at Golden Era Productions, Gilman Hot Springs, California.~~~READ MORE


La La Lou Lou

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The truth is that Saint Hill Manor was furnished with awful 1950s furniture, not the exiting designer stuff but the nasty dark red couch with hard fabric like a cheese grater style 50s furniture. It had no style and the renovations were to make it seem that Hubbard was a man of taste, a refined gentleman. He wasn't. Saint Hill Manor was home of the GOWW and the monkey room murals were protected with polythene sheets from the smoke that the GO staff polluted the room with, by chain smoking. The monkey room looked like the inside of a giant poly-tunnel. They must have worked really hard to make the lie. The same must be the case for all the other 'historical' buildings.

Maybe one day the buildings will get sold to pay refunds for unworkable auditing unnecessary training and donations to the IAS and building funds, and pay the staff compensation for years of sleep deprivation and endless evaluation and invalidation, and then if there's anything left over to pay the unpaid taxes.