Failure to describe SCN


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The failure to thoroughly describe Scientology - bad, good, and crazy - guarantees Scientology Inc.'s survival.
One could also look at Scientology from the viewpoint of his policy letter on exchange in abundance?

You know, one paid money to go clear, to go OT, to return from past death. Has it occurred?


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Wow, hilarious story. :LOL:

I wish someone would have told me that LRH had had a couple heart attacks in the seventies and a couple
strokes in the eighties and simply died like other older people. I would have been offended and never
spoken to the person again -- being a stone-cold true believer -- but I would have definitely taken steps to
positively confirm or deny what I'd heard. And I would have found out one way or another.

It would have blown up my hidden standards (fantasies) about Hubbard. Would have saved me $100K,
ten years of my life and a marriage. Worth it.

But that's me. YMMV.

I think the next time I talk to a newbie or wannabe Scientologist I am going to try to MERGE the top 5 most disreputable, delusional, degraded and degenerate things about Hubbard/Scientology into one sentence! Then I plan to market that sentence as the ONE-SHOT-BLOW command to ex-Scientologists to handle their friends and relatives.

It's kind of like the one-shot-clear command that exteriorizes people from their bodies, except it exteriorizes them from the cult.

The blow command will begin with the words "Did you know that. . . . " and include such shocking revelations as:

- - Hubbard suffering during his adult life from many physical illnesses that his 100% workable tech was 100% not able to cure.
- - Hubbard the totally happy and totally cause over life OT who totally attempted to commit suicide.
- - The actual dollar price tag to buy the Bridge of Scientology.
- - A criminal, paranoid & disguised Hubbard on the run, hiding from authorities in a motorhome.
- - Hubbard's pathological lying about the magical powers from Clear & OT, none of which he could demonstrate.

After the person receives the ONE SHOT BLOW command, if they don't immediately start asking questions and dive into the internet and books or documentaries that expose and debunk Scientology---well then they are not really on a search for truth. In that case, one need not repeat the command, because sooner or later life will come along and straighten them out.