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It boggles the mind how Chris Shelton is in the grips of the “ Cult of Progressive Trump Hate” and can’t see it
He just won’t stop bashing our President . He fails to display any critical thinking skills in his evaluation of Trump.
He finds propaganda to support his hate.
He only hangs out with those people that think and believe like him and he cuts off people that challenge his hate filled lies.

Chris Shelton is still in a Scientological mind trap and he has plugged that into the subject of Trump.
He is in a destructive cult of HATE TRUMP and supports it with fake news and people that only agree with him.

He thinks these podcasts are valuable. They really reveal how he is another cult and he is delusional to think he is an expert at identifying cult behavior. He displays cult behavior daily when he bashed the President of the United States.

It is unbelievable how he went right into another cult right before our eyes and he really thinks and believes he uses “critical thinking skills”
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