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I tried to be a good cop in the wrong police force
Guys, I'd suggest watching this one. If you want to get a feel how a class V org life looks right now.

This vid convinced me even more that Dave's doing this in "managed decline" mode.

Side note: Whoa, Tim Burke is still out there doing this crap?! :blink: Tim... it's a wasted life. :bigcry:

Side note 2: So now they are trying hard to recruit into the SO even those people who were openly outed as being gay? :blink: :ohmy: :nooo:
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Also, I met a staffer who claimed that he could change a vehicle traffic intersection light from red to green as he approached the intersection.
Years later I learned about traffic intersections co-ordination which explained what he had experienced. (i.e. no OT powers)
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I hope that Chris will cut down on the time he spends on Q&A and call-in show to spend more time on studying for his college master degree.
I want him to do well in his future with this. :)

That's my 2 cents opinion on this.


This is over 2 years old but it's worth watching again or for the first time. Chris does a good review of Scientology, Masterson and their victims at that date, most of which is still accurate on this date. His explanation of how Scientology enables criminals should be more believed and appreciated now: