grant cardone

  1. J. Swift

    Susman Godfrey’s Class Action Lawsuit Against Grant Cardone Alleges Undisclosed Self-Dealing & False and Misleading Claims

    The Susman Godfrey L.L.P. class action lawsuit against Grant Cardone and Cardone Capital’s Equity Funds V and VI makes for very interesting reading. We urge all Cardone investors, or potential investors, to read it. Captioned Pino v. Cardone Capital LLC and Grant Cardone, the Susman Godfrey LLP...
  2. kaiser

    Charlie Wakley and Grant Cardone Interview

    I did not know Scientologists are becoming more public and now doing interviews on YouTube. I think this is a new trend, right? Damn, that Charlie guy is full blown Tone 40 Exhilaration throughout the whole video :) I do not miss those types of people (always felt fake to me).