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My name is Noelle Foster. Marty Greenberg was my step father. He died about 5 years ago. For those of you who don't know, he was personal Hubbard's accountant for many years. I remember when we had to go into hiding during the lawsuits in the 70's to avoid subpoena. Strange times. I'm a practicing Buddhist now and working on unpacking the old traumas. Hope you are all living happy fulfilled lives.
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FBI paided a "white hat" hacker who used to be a criminal.

Contrary to criminon's stat-pushing there are actual groups teaching useful things to the incarcerated Why I’m teaching prisoners to code and there's another one that Robin Williams son works with that teaches financial literacy.
David Miscavige has punched, beaten, body slammed, kicked bloodied noses for years and years
CNN told the story in several segments...I put them all on PLAYLIST
Was it not Vicky Aznaran, who in occasion of the mission holders conference reported to LRH that a "mutiny" was going on, his worst nightmare, and so effectively starting the Whole shit?
No, she was late on the chain. The Mission Holders were squeezed for money as early as 1979. I was Dir Income USGO then. Val Lisa was involved as FP Chairman and the CMO ran the USGO. In 1979, when the missions stopped paying for USGO services, they got mad and the noose started tightening. The 1982 US Mission Holders' Conference, San Francisco