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Zivorad, one of many of us who passed through scientology, has died. He is the author of many spiritual processes, based on a vast knowledge of the mind and spirit. He is best known for a series of processes called PEAT, and also Aspectika. I knew him slightly, and trained attendees in a workshop under him as a teacher. His son Filip:

Dear S-T friends,
This is Filip, Zivorad's son.
With sorrow in my heart I have to inform you that Zivorad has left his earthly body and this level of existence.
In the last conversations I had with him he asked me to convey his great love and gratitude to all of you who shared his spiritual path.
He was especially grateful to all Spiritual Technology trainers for doing a great job in spreading spiritual knowledge and helping people.
He left his body in harmony and filled with love for all of you and for the complete existence.
Arelena (that was his word for eternal love),
Filip Mihajlovic Slavinski

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Never knew him, but I did run the basic Aspectika process on myself with some benefit. RIP Zivorad.

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I always thought the Aspectics processes were genius. I often refer to Vladimir Stojakovic's book, Integra Protocol, using Zivorad's spiritual technology. He's gone very Zen. When stumped, trying Excalibur solo, from a post by L. Kin. I fell back onto the chains of goals to relieve the stress. I'm sorry he's left us. He enjoyed very close family and friends. Zivorad's studies spanned a wide area in his book Invisible Influences.
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Zivorad's dichotomy processes helped me. Thank you, and fare well.