Yet Another Dig at scientology


I started watching a new series on Amazon Prime and in their very first episode they had a spoof news broadcast about Tom Cruise being dead.

It seems that scientology bashing in the entertainment area is becoming more common. I guess that it occurs far more often than the cult can control using it's standard vexatious litigation and swarms of lawyers and threats, like they got away with decades ago.
This clip is from the AMC series 'Preacher' (2016-2019). The bashing occurs in Season 1, Episode 1, at approximately 40:56 into the episode we see the star of the show in a bar listening to a news broadcast that Tom Cruise had died. The news anchor is saying,...

"Tom Cruise has died. This just coming in,... from a church of scientology service Cruise was presiding over, when apparantly,... and details are still coming in,... he spontaneously exploded."

Our media is becoming bolder in taking pot shots and bashing scientology and it's key members, something that would not have happened 40 years ago.

Someone clipped it onto YouTube;

Alex P. Keaton

Personally, I LOVE "The Miscavige Hospital for the Criminally Insane" on General Hospital. I believe the search function on the old ESMB only works if you are a member and are logged in. If you are not a member, searching Tony Ortega's web blog will also turn up this gem.