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OK, anyone who has ever been in scientology will read this quote and wonder: “WTF?”

This is the EXACT opposite of “education” in scientology. Studying the words of L. Ron Hubbard is viewed as the most important thing anyone can do on this earth. And this is NOT an exaggeration.

One would never describe a scientology courseroom as “pleasant,” “unhurried” or “casual.” Anyone who ran a pleasant courseroom would be designated a dilettante, if not a “squirrel.”


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Indoctrination vs Education.

In truth, Hubbard’s “discoveries” - were in a field that is a direct polar opposite to education. His “discoveries”... if they can be called that, were intentionally designed to prevent, inhibit and stifle any acquisition and integration of meaningful truth or knowledge. They were designed to indoctrinate us, and yes, they worked...for a while.

Scientologists understand that Hubbard absolutely frowned upon, and did not tolerate any critical questioning, debate, or even mere discussion of his pronouncements, either inside or outside of the course room.

Without questioning, there can only be coerced learning accompanied by blind acceptance. Yet Hubbard made it impossible to question. He criminalized questioning, and devised Scientology Ethics as the control apparatus to “handle” the throngs of impertinent doubters.

Fortunately, 99.9% of those who encounter the bear trap of Scientology don’t fall prey to it.
Those who learned the hard way that Scientology’s coerced thought techniques don‘t lead to truth or freedom have a responsibility to speak out, criticize, and denounce it. Having regained that priceless freedom, we each have the choice whether to exercise it or not.
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