WISE - Scientology's Business Management front groups luring victims into Scientology


Oat Tea Ate

Please post any new WISE front groups here.

I have a few friends who have confided in me that they are in doubt about Scientology. They left staff and are out in the Wog World struggling to make sense of the dangerous SP's and other monsters created by the cult think. They are so confused, the poor blokes. Some of them are working for Scientology WISE front group companies who lure chiropractor's, veterinarians, dentists and any one else who is interested in managing their businesses so Scientology can covertly pick their bank accounts dry.
What I thought was curious is they are trained to not mention Scientology. This is leading to some of them Q & A -ing about looking closer on the internet about Scientology. I bite my tongue but pray they look.

Here are a few of the Scientology WISE front groups looking to bankrupt the poor members that are unfortunate to get caught in the lures and traps set up by WISE.

MGE - Management Experts
Scientology WISE front group

11800 30th Ct N
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33716
(727) 530-4277

The Business Academy
Scientology WISE front group

900 Drew St,
Clearwater, FL 33755
(888) 989-0855

Here is a good link about WISE: