Wins doing TRs


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Hubbard also borrowed from Helen Rhodes' book Psychcoma. Example from this 1909 classic: "Man is a soul, not has a soul." Sound familiar?

I just noticed that there appears to be a typo. The book was not Eight Lectures on Yoga, it was Magick in Theory and Practice, which was cited by Hubbard during the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures of 1952.



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Dianetics and scientology are a long drawn out rhetoric with it's component parts of rhetoric. I believe the allegory used by many others that have been involved used the slowly boiling a frog in a pot allegory.

Yes, the rhetoric pseudo-science is a part of it but it is not all of it.


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i was at the academy most of the time because my mother sent me / made me go.
the wins i had from tr's were mostly on tr 3 or 4, and being the one reading from the alice in wonderland. I remember searching through the book to find short enough sentences to give to my twin to acknowledge .
That was my favorite.
One time with a twin, it felt like the the only thing I could find was 'seven jogged my elbow'.

tr0 was cool but perhaps uncomfortable to me at least at that proximity of a yard or whatever as i had spent most of my childhood in solitude and I had only met my twin a few minutes before we stared at one another for two hours ... wow awkward.
I might have preferred to do 100 meter tr's to start even though I am quiet and would need a megaphone, walkie talkie or telephone hehe.