Why Is Chris Latvala Supporting Scientology and What is a “Safepoint”?


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Please see the article on Tony Ortega’s website yesterday about the crazy Twitter war FL State Congressman Chris Latvala started — first with Tracey McManus of the Tampa Bay Times, then with Tony Ortega and subsequently with me.

I tweeted about this after Tony’ story was up, and the Congressman responded to me in a similar fashion:

As you can see my last offer is to meet with him to help provide the education he needs. I hope he takes me up.

He said he was unaware of the scientology connections to the books that were offered. Maybe that is the case, but if true and that was the entire story, why didn’t he simply say that, I thank Tracey for bringing it to his attention and drop it? Instead he came right out of the gate attacking her as a bigot, making disparaging statement about the Tampa Bay Times and playing the George Soros card?