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We really miss the days when Dave would send out a new copy of International Scientology News that came packaged with a CD of goodies, including a new testimonials video. Those were good times.

One of Scientology leader David Miscavige’s biggest initiatives was in 2007 when he re-issued L. Ron Hubbard’s books in new packaging, called them “The Basics” and basically forced every Scientologist to fork out about $3,000 per set in order to have new copies of books and lectures they probably already had. It was a bald-faced money grab that helped accelerate the mass exodus of members leaving the church at that time, and for those who didn’t leave, if you weren’t being pressured to buy sets of the Basics you were being pressured to help market and sell them.~~~READ MORE



Yeah the Basics sure was given a faux reason.

I remember telling a MT View staff member that the rewrite couldn't be true, as he was telling me why I needed them. (This was a surprise visit to my house with another staff member to sell me the books. And have me throw away the earlier editions).
I shared with him that I had sometime in the 90's listen to the the Phoenix lectures and couldn't make out a word or phrase Ron uttered and since there wasn't a transcript at the time I grabbed my copy of the book which I had read and what do ya know, it was word for word. The book was the transcript.
The staff member looked at me like a deer caught in the headlights.
I knew then we were being had. Later I discovered I had been had all along, lol.

So if the book was the transcript how could the book be wrong. (Retorical of course).


I think when it comes to the basics, if one were to dig deeper it might be discovered that the copyrights had expired and therefore were public domain.

With this being the case the only thing the church (mischievous and attorneys et al) felt it could do, was to alter the books and create all new copyrights and be sure not to let them expire without renewal a second time around.

Otherwise the material would be free to all in the Public Domain.
Money,money, moneeeey!!! The great motivator of effort and whatever else,lol.