What lessons from the Nxivm prosecution should Scientology watchers take?


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[Dr Stephen Kent does it again]

Our community is, once again, helping academic researchers gain perspective on Scientology and on other abusive groups. The International Journal of Coercion, Abuse and Manipulation just published a special issue devoted to Scientology and Nxivm individually, and to drawing parallels between the two groups. This journal is a new publication of the International Cultic Studies Association, since it’s an “open access” journal, you can download the issue from the journal’s home page.

The lead article, by University of Alberta sociologist Stephen Kent, pulls numerous sources from The Underground Bunker universe. Kent referenced Tony’s book on Paulette Cooper, The Unbreakable Miss Lovely, plus more than a few of Tony’s Scientology news articles and a couple of posts that Tony did looking at Nxivm.~~~READ MORE



John P wrote in his above article:

"— Malignant narcissism of founders: Dr. Kent points out that the main similarity between Hubbard and Raniere is their malignant narcissism, which drives them to create the fantasy world of their organization, to drive members to satisfy their insatiable needs."