What it’s like to discover your employer is pushing Scientology on his office


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We’ve been telling you for years that Scientology targets dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians and other professionals with management companies that operate as front groups for the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE). Every year we hear about cases where workers object to being forced into Scientology classes by the dentists or chiropractors they work for, and often those cases are successful. As for what it’s like to go through the experience of discovering that the dentist you’re working for is promoting Scientology, we have this stunning account from a woman who asked us not to name her for fear of backlash from Scientology. But we think you’ll enjoy reading her account…

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Brings back memories.

Actually I thought the courses worth something if it had stopped there. That's what is so bad about Scn. At first it is good but it gradually goes bad, so slowly it is hard to see.

i attribute my failure to be indoctrinated because of two things.

1. My refusal to do little training and thus I did not think in Scientologyese.

2.My Christian upbringing that always put a block up to totally accepting the Scn dogma. i remembering worrying Hubbard might be the Antichrist. Little did I know I was right. LOL Even by his own admission. I remember they always said my reluctance was my reactive mind putting up stops. The most valuable lasting benefit I got from Scn was being comfortable in trusting my intuition. It was right about Scn.