What is this ‘Substack’ thing anyway, and what’s going on at the Underground Bunker?


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Three months ago we made a decision to move our new daily stories to the Substack platform. It’s been a big success for us, but we know there have been hiccups for our readers, and so we thought we’d take the time to review where the Underground Bunker is now, just a week short of this website’s tenth anniversary online.
Yes, for ten years now we’ve done our best to bring you a new story every morning at 7 am Eastern, and our goal is to bring you something about Scientology you haven’t seen before. Given how sharp our audience is, with some of them having decades in Scientology under their belts, that’s not an easy task. But thanks to our network of correspondents and the numerous cases of litigation we’re following, we’ve had a ball.~~~READ MORE