What I Wanted to Get From Scientology

Dotey OT

I remember first hearing the word "Scientology." It was a fascinating word, just to hear it. "Scientology." Wow. What the hell does that mean?? My mind wandered, but try as I might, I couldn't even begin to guess.

NOTE: I really didn't want to dig this stuff up, but I remembered some of this recently, and thought it might be some breadcrumbs back out for someone, or a warning to others.


The word was almost as fascinating as the person that just said it. He was a long haired fellow that I didn't know very well, but others there knew hiim from some years back. A bright pleasant guy, sense of humor and a piercing, hypnotic stare. Someone one later described his eyes and stare to be similar to "Kaa" from the beloved Disney animated version of "A Jungle Book" which was popular in the late sixties. Oh, and that is actually me caught in his coils. Not really. But you can call me Mogli.

This guy was very, for lack of a better word, sharp. He seemed very pleasant and sure of himself. He took great care to listen to what I had to say, so I took great care to make sure I listened to him. He was cautious in the way that he spoke, and he demanded and commanded attention. He said that was just back from a stay of long duration in L.A. he was looking to get into a ride in with a fast group. I was involved in bicycles and bicycle racing, and more importantly, fast training rides. It is always better to ride with fast guys if you can, a sort of discipline that makes you ride harder compared to when you ride alone. We had fast folks. I thought such a guy as this would be able to keep up, so I invited him. Oh, let's call him John.

He kept up. I always made sure that things went ok for new riders, and that the new riders didn't cause wrecks with us old timers. John could take care of himself. We pushed him pretty hard at times, but everyone liked him enough not to drop him. I would have taken care of him regardless, he was a customer, after all. We did get a chance to talk, we just talked about a variety of things associated with cycling. He had been around for awhile, and had a nice bike, a Pinarello, a fine Italian racing bike. It was a little older frame, but still a beauty in the classical Italian fashion, and with Campagnolo components, of course!! We talked of bikes, of rides and routes, past horrible rides, and favorite rides. Lots of pleasant conversation, right in my wheelhouse, so to speak. I began to like this guy a little more. He could talk intelligently on most every subject that we covered. After the ride, he suggested that my wife and I go out for dinner with his girlfriend of long duration, a local dentist. I thought that would be interesting, so a date was made!

We met him and his lovely dentist at a local Mexican eatery. We had drinks and a fine meal, with lots of interesting conversation, lots of jokes, lots of attention on the importance of what was being said, both ways. I did have a bit of discomfort, as I felt that my wife wasn't being quite herself, and was doing something for attention from John, or was in some competition with him. I felt as though both had judged each other, and both had fallen short. Both parties would later tell me that is what precisely had occurred.

Oh, Scientology had not yet been mentioned.