What Happens to Children in Scientology Part 1


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Scientology has always been brutal on the family unit and even more unsparing on children who were not permitted to see their parents who HAVE to be on the job 80 hours a week for the cult. Children and considered at best a nuisance.

The whole subject of children being denied any parenting was penned by Ron Miscavige's niece Jenna Miscavige in her book "Beyond Belief." Children are raised by Nannies in a junior military camp with tight schedules, musters, orders, compliances, even manual labor. Any molestations and pedophiles are covered up and never reported to Law Enforcement. Children and teenagers who experienced such are now coming forward, Law suits are forthcoming and one was filed just recently. Here it is ~~

Here’s the Kent team’s 3rd lawsuit against Scientology and David Miscavige — dive in! | The Underground Bunker