What’s $20,000 between friends? LA Mayor Garcetti presents a Scientology gift to city


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EXCERPT from blog:
Just a few days ago, Leah Remini spoke to us after the Clearwater Police dropped its investigation of child sexual assault at a Scientology school in Florida, resulting in the victim, who goes by ‘Jane Doe,’ asking her attorneys to drop her lawsuit against the church.

Leah singled out three law enforcement agencies for criticism:

“You have police departments that are unwilling to be the voice for the victims of Scientology like the Clearwater PD, like the LAPD Hollywood Division, like the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office in California. And you are dealing with a group of people who have withstood unimaginable sexual, physical, and mental abuse by Scientology,” she said.

For years, Leah has been highly critical of the LAPD’s Hollywood Division, which maintains a cozy relationship with Scientology, and which every December receives from Scientology’s Celebrity Centre a big check for the police department’s youth programs, raising about $20,000 each year going back some 26 years. Here’s a typical scene, which we’ve highlighted in the past, with LAPD officials gladly accepting another big check from the church…