Welcome to Ex Scientologist Message Board Redux


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Welcome to ESMB Redux.

When Emma announced ESBM was closing for live posting, I contacted her about starting a new board.

She (and her most generous anonymous donor) have helped me get this board setup for you all.

I'm new to running a forum so I hope you will be patient as I figure out all that is involved.

I hope you will enjoy being here as much as you did on ESMB.

Thanks for participating!

Thank you for doing this. I was just dropping by ESMB to find something and Woh - what?


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Inspired by Stiff Member which sounds like a hard twist on Staff Member! Perhaps I'll be Throbbing Member or something else if it comes to mind.
Stiff Member? Oh, that's just a typo. I heard Bart Simpson 'phoned Mo's bar asking for you the other day. :D

Oh, welcome to ESMB2 by the way, I hope you enjoy your stay.