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The Web auditor says: "I'm using LRH tech as it was written before the '60s, while he was still very enthusiastic, before he started getting bitter, unhappy, and things like that."

Can't tell if this person is being diplomatic to another auditor who is of a more conventional mind set, and refraining from saying something on the order of, "Hubbard probably had a self serving hidden agenda all along but was surrounded, during the 1950s, by some bright and innovative people, from whom he borrowed much. These were people interested in contributing to a layman oriented movement. Gradually, the brightest and most innovative people left, and the movement became a cult."

Probably, this person is not being diplomatic and is simply stating what he believes - still, it's a step in the right direction, IMO.


This "layman oriented movement," during its early years, had, as one of it inspirations, the writings of Alfred Korzybski, who wanted his subject, which he called General Semantics, to be studied and applied by any intelligent person, including the intelligent layman.

This short video ends abruptly but summarizes nicely
Korzybski's main message.

The idea was that the "ordinary" person should be able to think and evaluate clearly, and behave rationally, without being dependent on any bureaucracy or priesthood.