VIDEO: Scientology turns to rock ‘n’ roll to save its soul, and you’re invited!


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We just can’t get enough of Scientology’s hype videos. Not only are they entertaining, they always get us amped for another off-the-hook party of pure theta fundraising!

And speaking of fundraising, are you ready for a rock ‘n’ roll party that will raise enough money to make this entire country Ideal?

For those just catching up, Scientology leader David Miscavige has spent the last 18 years replacing drab “orgs” in major cities around the world with gleaming new cathedrals that are known as “Ideal Orgs.” He presided over the grand opening of two or three or four of them in a given year, pushing his followers to raise the millions that each of these renovations required. Then, just before the pandemic hit, Scientologists were told that the plan had changed and now Miscavige wanted all of the orgs upgraded all at once. This entire planet was going Ideal, and right now!~~~ READ MORE