VIDEO: He Used Scientology to Scam $600 Million From Hollywood. The Reed Slatkin Story


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Hmmm... video above disabled, so I am posting this
Scientology: Reed Slatkin's $593 Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme - Part 1 of 3
This video : Part 1 of American Greed's report on Scientologist Reed Slatkin's $593 million dollar Ponzi scheme. Long term veteran Scientology OT 5 and Class VI counselor became a mini Bernie Madoff, following the strategy of a ponzi scheme to investors.

The Cult enjoyed his flamboyant donations and allowed their public to be seduced by Slatkin. Then it came crashing down.

The FEDs indicted and arrested him and towed him off to the Federal Penitentiary ~~ 14 year sentence.