US Supreme Court: Valerie Haney fires back at Scientology about its ‘religious ritual’


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[Marci Hamilton and Valerie Haney]

After Scientology told the US Supreme Court that Valerie Haney’s predicament is not a First Amendment issue, Valerie has fired back with a reply we think you’re going to want to see.

Scientology is unhappy that the attorneys seeking appeals in California and the US Supreme Court keep referring to its internal brand of arbitration as a “religious ritual.”

The church’s attorneys counter that former Scientologists signed agreements while they were members or employees obliging them to take any grievances to Scientology’s internal justice system and not to a court of law. A contract is a contract, Scientology argues, and it doesn’t matter if these former members are no longer adherents. Subjecting them to arbitration (even though it requires a panel of arbitrators who must be members in good standing) is not putting them through a religious ritual.~~~READ MORE