Underage sec-checking


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One thing that stuck in my mind and I mentioned it a few times on the forums is an instance when as a teen I would do ethics interrogations of people much older than myself. Including asking people older than my mom about kinky sex stuff from the 1970s :eyeroll:

I still have a bad taste in my mouth.

But it just dawned on me (hey, today is the "Karakorum cognition day" it seems) that there might have been people who got the same reaction delaing with me. I remember sec-checking kids in their early teens. I know that we had instances of 16 or 17 year olds sec-checking 13 year olds. Which was all run-of-the-mill in the AB days, but I wonder - did any of you have experiences with that? Especially if anyone who was a teen auditor, teen EO or worked with Delphi etc?

I heard some former members who somewhat overplay the "Scientology does not believe in age" issue, but nevertheless it is a real issue.