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From the Manual on Dissemination of Material of March 1955:

During 1966, Frank Zappa experienced an attempt to bring him into Scientology. The attempt was unsuccessful.
He was, however, inspired to write this song, which was on his Absolutely Free album in 1967.
It does appear that Zappa was exposed to techniques from the 1950s
where being outside the body was followed by various exercises or processes.

During the 1960s, following the instructions of its psychologically down-trending founder, official Scientology became preoccupied with ghosts that, it believed, haunted its Clears. During the 1970s, this preoccupation was extended to unconscious ghosts. This was presented to Scientologists as a very serious problem, one that prevented the attainment of OT, and a problem that could only be alleviated by the purchasing of very expensive and highly confidential processing.

The physical body also became the subject of preoccupation, with Scientology Inc. pre-OTs spending years, sometimes decades, attached, daily, to an electronic meter.

During the 1980s, Scientology Inc.'s new dictator, David Miscavige, learned that there were no more unreleased OT levels.
This meant that Scientology Inc. did not possess a Bridge to the state of Operating Thetan, and could not honestly claim that it did.
He, then, covered it up, and ordered the "top strata" of Scientology to proudly sing the "We stand tall" song.

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