TRUTH and LIES. The cult of harm and vengeance. The cult obsesses on Leah Remini


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following LRH's 'attack, never defend' ideology and his PR policies, right?

aren't they really more his minions than DM's? some started in the founder's era, or even may have grown up as messengers....

Indie Scientologists apparently "don't have the rank" to obnose that L. Ron Hubbard is the Source (of all the evil that Scientology has perpetrated since 1950).

Hubbard is a poison apple tree. When anyone eats an apple and is seriously harmed or dies, Indies begin furiously & frantically promoting that the cause of death was "a bad apple". If that doesn't work, they then begin stuttering and stammering as they try to explain that Miscavige is the Source that planted a seed that grew into Hubbard's poison apple tree.

See how simple it is? Miscavige "mocked up" Hubbard. It's like the clear cog or some junk! LOL