Tommy Davis aka Thomas William Davis; Scientologist & ex Spokesperson for the Church of Scientology. Son of actress and Scientologist, Anne Archer

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I thought we could use a thread for everything Tommy David, the ex spokesperson for Scientology.

"I am angry, real angry"

This was just posted on Tony Ortega's Underground Bunker

Pikes & Verekers
Level 2
50 King Street
Sydney 2000
14 October 2020
Mr Tony Ortega
The Underground Bunker
BY EMAIL [email protected]
Dear Sir
Our ref RT:JE:200651
We act for Mr Thomas William Davis, widely known as “Tommy Davis”.
As you are no doubt aware, the trailer for and 10 episodes of a proposed series of documentary programs intended to be broadcast in Australia by the Seven Network entitled “Scientology Black Ops” (the Series) have been published on your website “The Underground Bunker” at the address Latest News | The Underground Bunker (your website).
Each episode of the Series available on your website includes the logo “”.
Your website claims that the Series “has been leaked to the Internet”.
Episodes 2 and 4 of the Series are defamatory of our client and he is considering bringing proceedings in Australia for damages for defamation.
Our enquiries of Seven News (Operations) Ltd and Seven West Media Ltd (the Channel Seven entities) and their lawyers made:
1. 24 September 2020 (to the Channel Seven entities) and
2. 6 October 2020 (to their lawyers)
as to how the Series came to be published on your website made 24 September 2020 (to the Channel Seven entities) and 6 October 2020 (to their lawyers) as to how the Series has been published in full on your website have not produced a reply.
From the above facts, our client believes that the Channel Seven entities, or their servants or agents, have provided you or your servants or agents with the Series in full in order that it be published on your website. It also appears that the Channel Seven entities own the copyright in the Series and not you.
So that our client may properly consider his rights and whether he should commence the foreshadowed proceedings and against whom, we request that you forthwith provide to us copies of:
1. Any communications between the Channel Seven entities or any of their servants or agents on the one hand and
a. you or any of your servants or agents or
b. persons or entities responsible for the publication of The Underground Bunker/ websites in the period 1 July 2020 to date
i. provide the Series in digital or other form;
ii. refer to the Series.
2. Any agreement that you have with the Channel Seven entities in relation to the Series.
3. Any communications from the Channel Seven entities or any of their servants or agents to you or any of your servants or agents which record any:
a. claim that the publication of the Series on your website is a breach of their copyright; and/or
b. requests by any of the Channel Seven entities that the Series be taken down from your website.
Further, our client requires that Episodes 2 and 4 of the Series be immediately taken down from your websites in order to prevent further damage to his reputation.
In the circumstances, our client requests full and timely cooperation from you with these requests. If we do not receive a substantive response from you by 4pm on Monday 19 October 2020 our client will commence court proceedings against the Channel Seven entities to obtain the information and documents sought, above.
Our client otherwise reserves his rights.
This letter is not for publication.
Yours faithfully
Robert Tassell

From Tony's site - WATCH
Episode 2
Episode 4

Tommy Davis


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I'm wondering if they will get a response such as:

or maybe:



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I'm wondering if they will get a response such as:

or maybe:



I noticed the date of those two (2) response letters was, respectively, 1974 and 1971.

I am now committed to dedicating several hours a day for as long as it takes to find a functional time machine, so that I can go back and live in the early 1970s when letters like that could be written without POLITICALLY CORRECT, SOCIAL JUSTICE, CANCEL-CULTURE ATTACKS ensuing.

I am kind of praying that those were real letters. In 2020, it would be impossible for a company or even an individual to write such rip-roaringly devastating responses, without fear of losing their careers and friends.

Loved it, thanks!

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From the comments below the video; "This guy wants to be Tom Cruise." Certainly looks that way.