TOM CRUISE movie star

Dotey OT

Man, we were fed some stats by management about how many reaches or people inquiring about scn TC created. This was back in the days around his freedumb medal. Just recalled that today. They really wanted us to think he was sierra hotel (Shit Hot) as they say in the Air Force and others.

His mother was a genteel southern woman that teased her hair in a way you would know if you were from the South. I had friends in CW that had developed friendship with her, and she had a great reputation. His nephew had his own band, and I did TR's co-audit in the Coachman when he and his other half at the time did theirs. I saw several of his sisters, and had a meeting once with the real estate sister.

TC got his family in, which is saying something that isn't always usual. He probably had tons of help from the heavy hitters, Rick Alexander,

He has his ksw in, up into his head via his lower intestine.

The Oracle

Not the same Oracle from a decade ago
Stepping out of the helicopter appears challenging for the every inch a great action star. An extra step was placed to assist his decent:

The Scientology handlers run ahead to each restaurant he visits to make sure a pre warmed booster seat is waiting for him at his table.

Here is Tom Cruises favorite after he did the L’s
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