Tom Cruise BILLION DOLLAR shill for the Scientology cult: Look at ME ME ME


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Tom does not have self discipline in interviews with reporters. Watch how he acts like David Miscavige and uses cult terminology to Australian Reporter Peter Overton

Listen to him scream at his crew on latest Top Gun movie :

This is a mirror image of how David Miscavige screams at staff (Se Org) members

Watch Tom Cruise snarl and invalidate Matt Lauer



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Tom Cruise has that famous SUPERIORITY COMPLEX.
"My religion is BETTER than *your" religion
My knowledge of psychiatry is better than any Medical Doctor or Scientist.
My study of Ritalin is BETTER than your knowledge of Ritalin.
YOU are GLIB, I am not."
Tom's superior intelligence has had him jettison attached spirits for years with the protocol of what are you, who are you
Genius !

mimsey borogrove

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The TC movie "Edge of Tomorrow" is actually based on Tom's solo Nots sessions, as he continuously mocks up BTs to run from when he was a loyal officer fighting for LRH against Xenu - over and over and over and....

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