Ties to Russian Organized Crime Alleged in Blockbuster New Lawsuit Against Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital


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Convicted Scieno-mega-fraudster REED SLATKIN's story aired on CNBC's 'American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels And Scandals' now. (2008 original air-date.)


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Scientologist David Gentile owner and CEO of criminal enterprise "GB Capital" loved his auditing so much, he moved from New York to Clearwater.
He has children in the Sea Org currently.
He supposedly holds $1.8 billion of investor's money.
Some reports say $2 billion
He is embroiled in "Waste Management" a stronghold of organized crime.
Just how much has the cult gotten David Gentile ?
Already the focus of inquiries by the SEC and Finra, GPB Capital Holdings said on Monday that the FBI made an unannounced visit last week to the investment firm's office in New York.
Another unsavory character giving megabucks to the cult .
And with all their super confessional *technology* they could not find out what he was doing ?
Of course not.
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Peiffer Wolf/Meyer Wilson: “Rotten to the Core From Day One,” GPB Capital Raised at Least $1.8 Billion Through Ponzi Scheme Flagged by Whistleblower
Madoff All Over Again? Whistleblower’s “Smoking Gun” Analysis of GPB Capital Scheme Was Contained in Files Indicted Ex-SEC Official Is Alleged to Have Spirited Away to GPB Capital; Law Firms Filing Class-Action Lawsuit in Texas to Recover Funds Stolen by GPB and Network of “Helpers.”


High tech criminals are Scientology cult donors.
Exactly how much did David Gentile give the cult ?


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Another highly ethical Humanitarian OT Scientologist doing his part in Keeping Scientology Working, because, after all, it’s the greatest good for the yada yada yada.