Thursday Funnies


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There is a bit of a backlog of Funnies.

The ones that were too outdated I sent to the trash file. There are quite a lot, two weeks worth in one episode!

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Looks like Chicago is still getting all the attention. You might not think those staff sign ups are that impressive, but trust me getting anyone signed up these days is a big deal. Also look at where they're pulling from, looks like they have the entirety of EUS working for them (if not more) and that's the best they can do. I've heard rumors that they want Chicago to be the first org through the exec training, so I'm sure they're under a lot of pressure.


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Great strategy for Chicago staff - recruit those on social security. At least they have some income to sustain them while they work for peanuts


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YESA? Why that must be the "Young European Scammers Association" no doubt.

This looks like you need to take a purif after an event like that.
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