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Back after our Alaska vacation — which was wonderful.

It’s a breathtaking experience, unfortunately no photos do justice to its sheer scope and grandeur.~~~READ MORE



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I posted this on his blog also.

Some info I'll add about the admin training program. It was originally pushed as only going to take a few months, then six months, then eight months. Many of the teams that arrived early have now been there close to a year and while some might be getting close to being done, none have finished yet. I think many of the teams that have it more together are starting to think with it taking a year and a half to two years. And that's the teams that are doing better. The teams that have slow students are all of a sudden looking at the training program taking 3-4 years. Because they all have to fire as a team they are only as fast as the slowest member. Slow students falling behind TM has already started to cause problems for some teams and I only see it getting worse as time goes on. I'm sure many people only went with the understanding that the program wouldn't be that long, now faced with the reality of being at Flag for 3-4 years... I'm not sure how they'll handle it. It is sad to see these younger staff members getting sucked into this. You also have to know that if they make it through the program it will be virtually impossible for them to ever route off staff. I expect Tampa to be the first team done with the admin training.

One other thing I've heard that explains why we see all this push for Chicago and not so much for Austin. Austin is only going to open when they have all their people through the admin training. There are different "tiers" and the 11 or so that orgs have been sending is only the first tier, there are something like 6 tiers of posts that are supposed to do various amounts of the admin training. Austin will only open once they have all of that training done, instead of just the first tier. So Austin will be awhile, it means they can focus 100% on Chicago and then they will have a long runway to recruit people before Austin opens.

Not really anything else to report, things have been a little boring lately. I think the next big news will be when some of these orgs start to fire back to their areas. Until then there isn't really much going on. Orgs do continue to send people and arrive to the training but even that has slowed down a bit. My guess would be they are starting to be stricter about who gets sent, considering the trouble they've started to have with teams sending people who are slow students.