Three new scientologists in New Zealand, wow.

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A "striking" percentage of New Zealanders now have no religion, and Scientology's Kiwi following has gained just three new members in several years.
The Church of Scientology's opening of a $16 million base in Auckland in 2017 appears to have translated into just three new followers. The census recorded 321 Scientologists in 2018, up from 318 in 2013.
Census 2018: New Zealand

Straight up expansion NZ!


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I can't stop laughing.

All that money begged, borrowed and manipulated for the lovely building purchase/renovation to find out no one wants them. Duh!

Dear G (NZ OSA),
You have an irreversible PR flap. Bugger!

Try to work out a way to correct manipulate the census stats. Oh, it's not possible, you say? Shame you can't fool every government agency. Must make your life hell.

Kiss kiss

p.s. why don't you retire and go grow some nice flowers. Try to find some redemption? It is an option to consider. What if things get worse? Just sayin'.

p.p.s This census press release is not a "sign of success".

p.p.p.s. A little tune to listen to while you hide under your desk. xx