Thread for Scnists who DOUBT


Oat Tea Ate

Do the Doubt Formula - LOOK. Find out what Scientology does not want you to see.
Get on the internet and let your spirit guide you to what you need to see.
You will not die nor will you get sick if you read about Xenu. Millions have read all about Xenu the Galactical Warlord and watched it on South Park.
Read Going Clear by Lawrence Wright
Watch Going Clear by Alex Gibney.
Watch all 3 season's of Leah Remini's show on A&E. Scientology; the Aftermath. Read Leah's book - Troublemaker
Read Ron Miscavige Senior's book - Ruthless. Watch his pod casts.
Watch Surviving Scientology you tube - Karen DLC
Read Money Project by Jeff Augustine
Read "Inside Scientology" by Janet Reitman
Read Blown for Good by Marc Headly.
Read every post on Mike Rinder's Blog and Tony Ortega's Blog


Veteran of the Psychic Wars
Apply the "Doubt Formula", paying special attention to Step 2: "Examine the statistics, performance and state of affairs of the individual, group, project or organization".

Diabetics and Scientology have been around for over 70 years. Where are their products?

It's supposed to greatly increase ability and intelligence. How many Nobel prize winners? How many distinguished inventors? How many majorly successful businesses? How is it that "wogs" are even able to compete with OT's?