This is Scientology Social Distancing?


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EXCERPT from blog:
Here is an email forwarded to me from the VM’s in LA.

They are pitching to get “supplies” for the disaster, but attach a photo showing a cluster of VM’s loading (or unloading) stuff… They are not 6 feet apart. They are not even 2 feet apart.

Are they really meaning to advertise they are not maintaining the mandated social distancing? Is this an old photo because they actually dont have anything to take shots of? What is going on here?

La La Lou Lou

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It's the same with pseudo religions and extreme religious sects everywhere and of course cults, (I doubt there's any real difference). There's a lot of religious Jews in hospital in Israel because they insist on applying the word of the Bible and nothing else, then there are Muslims upset because they are not allowed to dress dead bodies properly for people who died of the Virus, in the UK they closed all places of worship because people were crammed in to pray for help from the virus.