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EXCERPT from blog:
The “Rebels for Freedom” are “riding” — virtually!

You must watch the video — it shows a bunch of unknown bikers rolling down the highway to Steppenwolf ‘s”Born to be wild” and then cuts to various stills of old scientology-people in sunglasses trying to look tough/cool. Like they are bikers…

It says there will be “Breaking news” from the Landlord Office that will “massively accelerate” the ideal org in New Haven.


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At least when I got in, Scientology was postured as a maverick "vanguard science," albeit
it just wasn't true. At least it had a shred of possible credibility. Now, it's nothing but staged
and embarrassing ridiculousness.

Mike Rinder has become a much more evocative writer as time goes by:

"Finally, these people look like absolute fools. Apparently scientology not only​
destroys your sense of humor, it also destroys your sense of style and taste."​

Yes, destroys utterly.

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