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NOVEMBER 23, 2010

Can't believe how many people I knew that are on this list. I was poking around on the web because I had read somewhere that Michael Guttman had died/suicided? Don't remember. He was a light skinned black guy that was the 2D of Alice Smith at the SF Org in the mid-70's. But the Michael on this list is spelled Gutmann and it says he died in 1972. Doesn't seem there would be two people with such similar spelling in the cult in the same era. But Michael that I knew was definitely alive after 1972.

G for Michael Gutmann – one of twins; committed suicide in 1972.

This list also says Michael Luebe was in the cult for 10 years as of 1989. Well no. I knew him in '75 and he was already OT. So I'd say he was in more like 20 years.

L for Michael Leube-suicide, July 1989, SO, C0S for 10 years.
This child was mentioned in the 1982 Clearwater Hearings. Pretty sure somebody said they knew the child's name. They just didn't want to mention it on the record.

A for Anonymous Child in Florida. In the 1980s, an unidentified child died playing unsupervised in the car-park of the Fort Harrison Hotel, Clearwater. It is adjacent to the area where children were kept.

geez. editor of so many of the newsletters!

C for Diane Coletto – murdered by her husband John Coletto, OT3, in 1979. Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

C for John Coletto – suicide. John was routed to the RPF. His wife Diane Coletto was the Commanding Officer, Publications Org, and she had been instructed to divorce her husband because he was a ‘criminal.’ After some weeks, he managed to escape the PAC RPF and shortly afterwards called Scientology officials to let them know that they had turned his wife against him (a common practice in Scientology), and he was going to kill her. Marty Rathbun was in a car with Diane driving down what is now known as L. Ron Hubbard Way, when out of nowhere came John, her husband, and he had a gun in his hand. He emptied it into her body. Blood and guts everywhere. He then took the gun and pointed it at Marty and started to shoot – click, click, click – no more bullets. John ran off and was found dead himself a few days later for self-inflicted wounds from the same gun he used to kill his wife.” This was Marty’s first protection duty.

from the bay area - at least at some point:

A for Alan Albert, who died by suicide, when his wife of many years, Jerrye, left him because he left the church.

M for Jolee Marshall who went psychotic on NOTs. in 1979. At that time many people were going psychotic on NOTs, NED for OTs, and it was being suppressed. She died a few years later.

M for Ed Mooney (37) died of an aneurism about 3 weeks after completing OT8 at Flag in the fall of 1990. He was the first OT 8 to die. He did not seek professional help as he was an OT8 and believed he would get better. He was a former mission holder and very good FSM in LA. Scientology friends and family postulated he’d get better. Editor wonders: is this negligence or lunacy?

C for Mark Chambers, the KTL supe at Stevens Creek, who started having bad health problems, ended up in a wheelchair, probably after a double amputation as his circulation was horrible from years of smoking and just bad health habits–perhaps diabetes. He kept on as a staff member, but the ED got him offloaded as the idea of a ‘cripple DB’ in the org on staff was completely out-PR to her. She was pretty brutal about that sort of thing and had made sarcastic comments about fixing the org’s elevator, because only downstats would need it–and that was not worth putting money into. He died after he was kicked off of staff. To make matters worse a few years prior to this, his wife really went off the deep end mentally. Many suicide watches and handlings with the DSA, and last I heard she was still in terrible shape. She also had been a staff member for years.

F for Paul Friccero who died of a heart attack probably in the early 90s. He was Clear but was supposed to have his folder checked (along with a whole bunch of other folk who attested in the early days) for not actually being Clear. He was the Academy Course Admin, Stevens Creek Org, in 1989. “I think he was actually posted as a reg at the time. Prior, he had always been in tech/acad as far as I know. I think the course admin was after some ethics action, as he had been a supe, and I think D of T at one time. He was living long hours with tons of cigarettes. Nice guy, great sense of humour, but last time I saw him he looked like hell.”

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