The wealthy donors keeping Scientology in business, New Year’s 2020 edition


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EXCERPT from blog:
Over the last few days we’ve been looking at Scientology’s schizophrenic approach to the COVID-19 pandemic, and our comments section has been doing a great job keeping up on all of the coronavirus news, including late-breaking stuff like the yellow-jacketed Volunteer Minister idiots in Kansas City endangering the public while pretending to be helping out.

But we must also pause and take note at this point because a new issue of Scientology’s ‘Impact’ magazine is out (and thank you to Once Born for tracking it down), and that means we get another glimpse into church leader David Miscavige’s ultimate obsession, the wealthy donors he convinces to turn over huge sums that keep Scientology in business.

Oat Tea Ate

You can bet the whales are getting drained of all money during this pandemic.
The carnage will not be pretty when this ends.
Slappy Mismanagement will take this opportunity to DESTROY those fools who still believe.
Count on it.