The Truth Rundown ~~ Tampa Bay Times


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The entire series is available from the authors as a Kindle electronic book. If you don't have a Kindle device, you can install Kindle for PC or Android. I have this eBook for a handy reference.



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The Truth Rundown ~~ Part 2

The upper hierarchy denied everything, even when 12 different INT base personnel testified ON CAMERA (video) of the beating and assault and battery which occurred daily at INT Base.

Miscavige ordered a complete lockdown of Sea Org Org. (3 days)
All grounded till all copies of the newspaper in hard copy were no longer available.

But available eternally on line.



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The Truth Rundown by Tampa Bay Times. This changed the very landscape of Scientology and how they were viewed. Because of this CNN went on to make the Series Scientology, a history of Violence. This series must be posted on every site that unravels and reveals those dark secret places.

Part 1 — Scientology: The Truth Rundown

Karen, I have an extra hard copy of this series. If you ever would like a copy of it let me know.

I went out early every morning when the series was coming out and bought about 8 papers each day. :yes: