The Sun journalist Emma Parry is recognised with an award for her story on Serge del Mar


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A while back Emma Parry wanted to see me for an update on my story.

I talked her into telling the story of Serge del Mar who had his childhood robbed by being put in the Sea Org as a youngster for
Gay Conversion Therapy.

Emma and Serge met in my home and Serge told his story beautifully on and off camera.

So I was delighted to learn yesterday that the Los Angeles Press Club awarded Emma the foreign correspondent award for Serge's story ~~ being raised in the cult.

I also loved the judge's comments. Serge's story is timeless. The brutality of children raised in all of this with no power of choice, simply because they were 2nd generation.
Congratulations Serge and Emma !

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Yes, a shocking story. Because a lot is understandably made of Serge's age in this, it's important to realise that Scientology doesn't believe in children; we're all ageless thetans, whatever our age, and so there's no concept in Scn of what is and what isn't age-appropriate.

As I've said here before, at one time the senior ethics officer at St. Hill was a 14 year old boy. The CofS at the time (late 1970s, according to my source on this) had a policy that no one could be promoted to a sensitive position at St Hill if they had any significant overts in this lifetime, and the only people they could find who fitted the bill were those too young to have had any life experience at all.
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