The story on Mark Janicello, An American in Berlin and the vengeance of the cult


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Mark Janicello is an American who lives in Berlin.

An Artist and Entertainer that Taliban Scientology set out to destroy.
We don't ALWAYS hear of Scientology draconian and evil thuggery played out in Europe but this is a good tale.
Mark became quite a know figure and has written a book. More on this, please follow all my comments on this thread.

When Leah left, he did another big TV Interview for German TV about Scientology Janicello's life reads like a typical American show business success story, until Scientology crossed the young performer's path. Janicello unexpectedly landed in the crossfire of a 13-year, international, hate campaign that befits a Hollywood fast action thriller ~~ more than the autobiography of an artist. Janicello's life has been more bizarre than any fiction. Crushed between Scientology's enemies within several European governments and the cult itself, he went from stardom to "persona non grata", virtually overnight. He lost millions in contracts and appearances. He was arrested, blacklisted, slandered, publicly humiliated, and was often forced to perform with police protection. At the time of the biggest protests.

Eventually with that amount of FAIR GAME from OSA deluging him with ambushes to destroy his career and well being, Mark wrote a book. It was more as a cathartic exercise than anything.

The book "Naked in the Spotlight" reads like a typical American show business success story, until Scientology crossed the young performer's path. Janicello unexpectedly landed in the crossfire of a 13-year, international hate campaign that befits a Tom Clancy novel, more than the autobiography of an artist.

~~to be continued.

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Mark Janicello, American who lives in Berlin, Germany shared more.
I had full permission from him to share his story here ~~

Mark said :
SCN has always been accused of brainwashing. Only after I was out of the sect for quite a few years did I realize how insidiously the lies in the SCIO Tech worm their way into your mind, thought-processes and life. in 2017, upon re-editing my book for the English publication on Amazon, I realized how much SCN was still hot-wired into my brain when I originally wrote my book in 2009. At that point, I had already been officially out of the sect for 6 years and had basically stopped service 4 or 5 years earlier.
Long story short-- this week I have witnessed again the wholesale damage that SCN wreaks on a daily basis. This time, it nearly broke my heart.
On Tuesday evening, I flew to Munich to end a friendship with someone that has been a part of my "family" for nearly 25 years, almost half of my adult life. We met at a PR Convention on the Freewinds in 1995.
This person (still a Scientologist) was by my side during the entire SCN debacle in Europe, and witnessed first-hand how the cult used me to raise money, for press and PR purposes and for the IAS -- then abandoned me and my family and left me to die -- as soon as going got rough in Europe.
Even after having witnessed SCN's unconscionable behavior with me, and in her own life, a few years ago, my friend closed her business, moved to Copenhagen, and rejoined the Sea Org, to "try and change SCN from within." I was gobsmacked, however, after much very heated discussion, I accepted her decision, though it killed me to do so.
3 months later, she returned to Munich with her tail tucked between her legs, admitting "Scientology is corrupted and has lost its way. It's all only about money. I was taken off post to reg, NON-STOP. I cannot work for them."
At that point, I thought my friend would finally come to her senses and leave the sect for good. I was wrong -- completely, totally and utterly wrong.
5 years later, she's gung-ho again, and at the beginning of June, announced to me: "I'm going to South Africa in August to continue up the Bridge." That's when I lost it.
My friend's life is a shambles. Her finances are a mess. Her marriage is a sham. Her health is in total disarray. Still she swears: "I wouldn't be what I am today, or nearly as successful without LRH tech."
No, you'd be happy, healthy and wealthy.
My friend is a wonderful, hard-working, honest woman, whose personal insecurities have been relentlessly exploited by this criminal, money-grubbing, organization. She is caught in the mind-f*ck labyrinth of SCN. Her thought process is completely distorted and she makes one foolish decision after the other.
As much as I love this person, I can no longer be confronted on a daily basis with her willful blindness to SCN's "dark side." I can no longer support her idiotic decisions to hand her destiny over to a corrupt sect that could care less about her "eternity" and is only interested in getting her to buy her next service.
With a very heavy heart, I wished my friend all the best. I left Munich, flew back to Berlin and left my dear friend to her destiny in SCN. This is the life that she has chosen for herself. But it's not my life and I cannot be a part of that insanity any longer. I closed the book on this wonderful human being and closed this chapter in my life, forever.
It's a terrible thing to see someone you care deeply for trapped in a mental labyrinth and remain completely oblivious to it. However, as the old saying goes: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

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