The short story "The Test" by Amy Dupcak is about Scientology.


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The short story "The Test" by Amy Dupcak is about Scientology.

The story appears in Dupcak's book:

Dust Short Stories


Amazon Summary:

"During “The Test,” a backpacker couple visits The Church of Scientology as a rainy day experiment, which ends up testing more than they’d anticipated."

An Amazon reviewer says, "In “The Test” Dupcak may be unique in setting a character’s sudden realization in a Scientology Church while taking their personality test. (The epiphany is unrelated to Scientology.) From that story, I offer one perfect sentence. “Other vest-and-tie scientologists with nametags appeared out of nowhere, trotting over to greet them like waiters on a space station.” Above all, this author is simply a pleasure to read."

Another Amazon reviewer notes, "I'll never see those guys who hand out personality tests in public quite the same way again."

The story begins on page 169, and the next story starts on page 193. Thus, the story "The Test" is approximately 24 pages long.

The book Dust Short Stories is available as:

Kindle $4.99
Lucid River Press (September 15, 2017)
238 pages

Paperback $11.99
Lucid River Press (August 19, 2016)
236 pages.

About the Author

Amy Dupcak has published fiction and creative nonfiction in Litro, Fringe, Sonora Review, Hypertext, Phoebe, Chicago Literati, Runaway Parade, Broken Pencil, The Dirty Napkin, Slush Pile, and other publications. She earned her MFA in Fiction from the New School and teaches creative writing workshops to adolescents and teens at Writopia Lab. Dust is her first book.