The Scientology Cult is a Pathological Liar.


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I interviewed this morning lifting up the curtains to bring sunshine to their dark secret places. The cult LIES LIES LIES.

Pathological LIARs. They have even redefined the word LIE to "acceptable TRUTH."
Read the 4 contracts you must sign giving away all rights to sue and tons of other rights while giving them the right to lock you up if you have a mental breakdown...

Are you told by recruiters that you could not sue your rapist if you joined the cult. Of course not.

Biggest LIE is that they are selling FREEDOM. Freedom from your baggage, Freedom from your mental issues~~actually its a TRAP.

I also cover the lies from the clown Ryan Prescott who had written 2 books attacking major critics wityh OSA bullet points. A tissue of lies.

And a tribute to Michael Pattinson. the gay man who spent $1/2 million dollars to UNGAY him and who was locked up in a cabin in FREEWINDS, a prisoner. RIP Michael. Fly high.

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It's an unimpeachable fact that LRH constantly lied and that the organization, being a reflection of his mind, also constantly and obviously and stupidly, lies.

It makes me wonder if some of it is deliberate in the sense that LRH believed that "for something to persist, it must contain a lie".
It was his belief that for his fame to go on and for Scientology to go on, he must introduce lies as a survival mechanism.

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I think Scientology started out with L Ron Hubbard's POSTULATES and then when they did not stick, they continued to lie and the lies had to get bigger and bigger and bigger to make sense of anything he wrote. Scientology is nothing but big lies to the followers, Hubbard and his minions. Scientology HURTS, it does not help.

When they did the photo shoots and got staff and the few public around to be in all photos to give the impression in the Scientology propaganda that Scientology was expanding, I justified it in my mind that this was a postulate and surely with the amazing super powers one obtains from doing and being in Scientology, Scientology will expand like crazy.

I was wrong. It was nothing more than propaganda to keep the trusting people in.

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That’s pretty insightful, @cakemaker . :yes: I never looked at it that way, but it makes perfect sense (For a schizophrenic Satan worshipping sc-fi writer cult leader, anyway...) :coolwink:

Those sociopath profilers on CSI could learn a thing or two from you!

Your original said something about L Ron telling lies purposely in the belief it would make it stick. I like that idea. Yeh, going forward in Scn is like swimming in Superglue.
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